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Already an archer?

If you have already completed an AGB recognised beginner course elsewhere or you have shot for less than 2 years at a AGB registered club, or simply haven't shot in more than 5 years. You will have to complete and assessment before joining.

Please use the booking system below to book an assessment. 

Assessments typically last 1 hour and is with one of our AGB qualified coaches, and is mainly just a safety check and teaching you how our club runs (where equipment is stored, session times and safety calls). Upon the successful completion of your assessment, you can become a member there and then.

Assessments are limited to 2 assessments (1 per person) every first Saturday of the month, due to availability of coaches and weather. 

All assessments start at 11am, so please ensure you turn up on time, or it is a fail and you will have to book again.

If you have any questions please use the contact form underneath the booking system.

Thanks for submitting!

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