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Club Officials

Who the Officials are

The club officials are volunteers and split into two categories:


Who give their time to ensure the club is running smoothly, abiding by all governing body rules and laws, and ensuring the club is up to standard for the membership to shoot.

And coaches:

Who help out on beginner courses and teach people how to shoot and give extra coaching to those who ask.  

Our assistant coaches help out to teach archery to our beginners on our beginner courses.

While Coaches, can lead a beginner course due to their qualification, while also able to teach on beginner course. They are also available to give One To One coaching sessions to help any archer that wishes to improve their shooting.

How to become an official

Hidden until constitution is amended.

Members are able to apply for a non-executive committee position after they have been a registered member for __ years or more, and can apply for an executive committee position after being a member for __ years or more. 

In the months prior to the Annual General Meeting, an email will be sent round with the list of committee positions available, and the email address to send your role interest. One position can be applied for every AGM, and will be voted on during the AGM.


In the months prior to the Annual General Meeting, an email will be sent round with the list of committee positions available, and the email address to send your role interest.

Every position will be open and any DCA registered member can apply to stand for a position.

If there is more than one person standing for a position. 

There will be a discussion during the AGM, and each party will give their reasons as to why they should be elected. After which a decision will be made by the membership by vote.


In order to become a Coach or an assistant coach you can have a chat with the training & development officer and the beginner liaison. 

Assistant coaches are expected to 'shadow' other coaches and assistant coaches on a beginner course to understand how to coach beginners and what terminology to use.

Coaches have to undergo a qualification assessment by AGB, in order to become a recognised Level 1 Coach. There are courses run by AGB across the country that archers wishing to become a coach can attend.
If you want to know more please contact us, or have a chat with the training & development officer or the beginner liaison.



Chairman [Exec] - John Hunton

Secretary [Exec] - Carole Cusson

Treasurer [Exec] - Dave Johnston

Beginners Liaison - David Hann

Tournament Organiser - Mike Cusson

Assistant T.O.
Training & Development Officer - Victoria Hann
Records Officer - Michelle Hann

Equipment Officer - Phil Mackey

Welfare Officer - Carole Rowland

Deputy Welfare Officer - Sarah Chalmers
Media Officer - Matthew Hann

AGB Qualified:

Victoria Hann - Level 2

Martin Ruerup - Level 2

Mike Cusson - Level 1

Assistant Coaches:

Carole Cusson

David Hann

Michelle Hann

Max Rose

Carole Rowland

Bill Walton

Paul Cook

Job descriptions


The Chair is the presiding officer of the club and leads to committee. They act as figurehead and spokesperson both within and outwith the club and ensures business is dealt with and decisions made. The Chair also decides on timelines for actions of committee meetings and follow up with individuals as to completion of actions in liaison with the secretary, and is a representative for the club at county level.


Our Secretary is responsible for the administrative affairs of the club as well as communicating and recording all activities in regard to the club to the members in a timely manner. They are once of the clubs representatives at county level. They are in charge of dealing with affiliations/membership enquiries and applications, and to hold insurance documents and any other official paperwork relating to the club. 


The Treasurer keeps a record of all the clubs finances, and control all actions relating to money coming into and going out of the DCA account. They should advise all members as to when annual club membership and AGB payments are due, along with outlining clearly to all new members, ways of paying club membership.

Beginners Liaison:

It's the job of our Beginner Liaison to organise and run DCA beginner courses. This involves the planning (dates, capacity, prices, and coaches), checking and maintenance of beginner course equipment, and any correspondence with members of the public with questions about our courses. 

Tournament Organiser:

The T.O. is responsible for all competitions hosted by DCA, and duties include: record status application, venue booking, entry form design and distribution,  booking of judges, making of target list and scoresheets, venue preparation (range set up), and running of competition on the day.

Assistant T.O:

The role of the Assistant T.O. is to assist the Tournament Organiser in the preparation of any competition, and help with any jobs that may need doing in order to ensure the successful planning and running of the competition.

Training & Development Officer:

The job of the Training & Development Officer is to oversee members wishing to gain extra coaching, organise coaching sessions and to encourage the participation of badge schemes and classifications among the membership.

Records Officer:

Our Records Officer is the point of contact for club members in regards to classifications, handicaps and record claims and also to be point of contact for the County Records Officer in regards County Records or other claims.

Equipment Officer:

Responsible for maintaining all club equipment, including club bows and arrows, target stands and bosses. Identifying unfit equipment and disposing of it, as well as advising on new equipment the club needs. 

Welfare Officer:

Our welfare Officer is to be the point of contact for the club for CPO information from the County and liaise with the CCPO as required. Receive, record and pass on to the AGB Child Protection Officer, any concerns relating to the welfare of young people and vulnerable adults. Support the registration of all personnel involved in activities for young people within the club/organisation (DBS checks). Advise on the development of activities for young people within the club, as well as to keep a Child Protection, record of all Junior and Vulnerable Adult members, and to be known by all Junior and Vulnerable Adult as a person to whom they can talk and/or report all fears and concerns.

For a full list of job roles for committee positions, please see Appendix B of the Club Constitution.

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